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Kamel seems to be bored.


The guys he always hangs out with are now in jail.

Ping-Pong is also called table tennis.

I'll see to it that I will never be late again.

"Cosmos" was seen by more than 500 million people in 60 different countries.

"Probably just a stupid urban legend" "But they do say 'there's no smoke without fire', don't they?"


You have very piercing eyes.

My sister always chooses the bigger one.

Grace told me to load my pistol.


I knew Kathleen would try to convince Brodie not to go.

It is no use arguing with him about it.

Take this medicine between meals.

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Even a child knows right from wrong.


Naomi has no reason not to go.


I swear I'll shoot you.

Stay a little longer.

How about we hang together on the weekend? What do you say?

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The student ended up sleeping in the classroom.

Everyone is talking about me.

I've always wanted to visit Turkey.

Would you let me know when Manuel comes?

Clyde and Kelly talked past each other.

It rained hard the whole day.

What's the harm?

Men know nothing about women.

Be mindful of your actions when in a relationship.What may seem playful to you could really be harmful to your partner.

I need to talk to one of you.

Rob is quite good at Photoshop.


Griff was afraid someone would see him.

We'd like to give this to you as a token of our appreciation.

My family isn't such a big family.

Should he hear of your marriage, he will be furious.

I went to Iran.

I want to become famous.

I'm sure you can do even better.

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Don't let her go out after dark.


Do you understand what's happening here?

Here's your margarita.

I'm so tired that I don't feel like studying tonight.

One must do one's best.

Excuse me, where's the Ladies?

Are they in love?

I decided to just go for it.


I am a bit hard up now and I can't afford such an expensive meal.


She is missing the point.

Not only you but also he is ignorant of the truth.

We'll help them any way we can.


Phill came back just in time for Christmas.

Raymond likes to sing.

We were together.

Now let's talk it up.

I imagined him a tall man.

It's late already. Hurry up!

They plotted against the government.

This amount includes tax.

I work as a slave 10 hours a day.

Son jumped over the puddle.

Harv told me you're smart.


I will advise you on the matter.

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I can't do more than that.

I won't give you up.

Mastering English is difficult.

Put the book back on the shelf.

Nobody can be a head coach of a soccer team without being a soccer player.


We're making a big mistake, you know.


I identified myself with the gangsters in the film.

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There's a remote control under the chair.

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I hate mosquitoes.

I love my kids.

I am going to a concert next week.

I said I needed your help.

Alvin is almost always home.

I'll pay for the tickets.

If you expect to be thanked, go to the king!

Vick couldn't just sit by and watch Sri being bullied.

Where do you go to school?

He's now aboard the ship.

If the shop is closed today, I'll try again tomorrow.

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Is that all you bought?

You were an animal.

I didn't want to see Mark get hurt again.

We're definitely going to do that.

She hummed her child to sleep.

We must run.

Tell Nici we're too tired to come over tonight.

Your name is not really Jimmy, is it?

The exosphere is the highest layer of the atmosphere. It extends from the top of the thermosphere up to 10,000 kilometers.

There were some managers who complained about him becoming the president of the company.

I want to know who told Suwandi that.

Why would she go out of her way to help a deadbeat like you?

I'm off to give him a piece of my mind.

Did you really mean all that?

This will not happen to you anymore.


I love pets of all kinds.

It's safe now.

Is somebody down there?

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Also as they are in an intimate relationship they are in a situation where it is easy for them to suffer from violence and difficult for them to bring complaints about that to court.

I'm afraid of them.

Tell us what you know about Turkeer's family.


She put her room in order.

Valeria needs proper medical attention.

We have to put the piano on its side in order to get it in.

My shirt is red and my shoes are dark blue.

Tommy never said that he wanted to leave.

Can you wake Ruth up for me?

Close that drawer.

I hope for a solar battery car.

Most of the victims were small children.

You have your orders, Suresh.

Karen would've been proud of you.

I have friends there who'll help me.

I've seen it before.

Somebody set him up.

I cannot recall when he moved to Boston.

But words are words; I never yet did hear. That the bruised heart was pierced through the ear.

I am far from satisfied with the result.

Today I am going to be productive.

No, my dear, you had better go on horseback.

I am sorry, but I cannot meet your requirement.

A generous tax break will be provided to foreign companies that set up factories in the area.


We just had to deal with it.

Cyrus pulled out of the parking lot.

I guess that a few non-standard logograms might not yet be in Unicode, which is like a museum.


I think you should talk to Nicolette now.

You heard what your mother said.

Okay, I'll tell my mom that you're coming over.

Are you going to the movies?

Did you pay for everything?

Police are scouring security footage following a robbery in the city centre.

I don't know what that thing is.

Thanks for taking care of all of this.

Don't make fun of foreigners.

I took a sleeping pill last night.

This room commands a fine view of the city.

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I was beside myself with joy when I heard the news.

That child is a headache.

The people cried for help.

I speak three languages.

Both girls coughed at the same time.


We didn't give you any money.

Instructions will be provided.

Perry could hear voices in the next room.

A lie is a lie, no matter how you spin it.

This is impossible for me.


We must do something to help.

He earned as much as 100,000 yen working part-time last month.

I think you've been lying to me.

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I've been asked to tell you something.

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Money talks.

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What have you given me?

He received more than six million votes.

She kept silent about the problem.

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Eliot noticed blood on the floor.

It has enough willpower.

Do you ever work on Sundays?

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You'll like this.

It won't take me long.

The children didn't seem to understand what Shean was saying.

Let's go and find him.

I've been traveling for a while.

How did it feel?

We'll work on it.

As soon as he arrived in the capital, he got settled at a hotel.

She's ambitious and talented.

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"You loved me once," she answered sadly.